Window Installation Day Guide

The time has come, you’ve signed the contract for your new windows! That’s a big step, but now that you conquered the hard part (choosing the right company), what’s next? The guide below will help you prepare your home for installation day as well as what you can expect from the installation when the time comes.

Window coverings

To be able to have access to the interior of the windows, all blinds, roll-up shades, shutters, drapes, etc, need to be removed before the install team gets there. Think to yourself, “could this possibly be in the way on install day?” If the answer is yes, it’s best to move it away to a safe place.

Access to windows and doors

Our install team will need at least a two-foot working space in front of each window or door during installation. When inside the home, our team will place drop cloths and the tools necessary to perform the removal and installation of your new windows/door. After your old windows are taken out, there could be a brief period that wind could blow through your home. Keeping this in mind, gather and relocate important papers or small items that could be scattered by the wid. Please also move aside any furnishing that may hinder the installation.

If the job takes more than a day, will there be any openings in my house?

No. Windows and doors are only removed if they can be reinstalled in the same day. Although there may be an incomplete window in place at the end of a multi-day job, rest assured that it’ll be weathertight and secure overnight.


Our teams love pets! But please supervise them closely during installation. Our technicians will not always be able to close gates and doors behind them when working, so it’s recommended that you keep any pets in a safe place during the job.

We hope this guide helps you feel more at ease as your installation day gets closer!

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