Do More Window Panes Mean Better Energy Efficiency?


If you’ve been looking around for replacement windows or new patio doors, your top consideration should be the glass. which comes in single-, double-, even triple-pane varieties. But does more panes mean higher energy efficiency?



Single-Pane Glass

Traditional single-pane glass has been around the longest. A single-pane window still remains in use in countries where the climate is more consistent year round. Glass is naturally conductive, which means it’s unsuitable for climates with temperature extremes – in the summer, it allows heat through the glass regardless of how sealed the windows are. While in the winter, it will allow heat to escape the indoor space, resulting in drafty windows. Single-pane windows are not ones we would recommend for your home – they are not going to provide your home with the proper protection from draft windows and will result in cooler rooms in the winter and higher heating and cooling bills. 


Double-Pane Glass

Double-pane glass is made up of two panes separated by an insulated spacer. The sealed airspace between these panels significantly reduce conduction between indoor and outdoor surfaces. Upgrading to double-pane replacement windows can cut down your cooling bills. Double-pane provides an added layer to ensure less draft, and better energy efficiency. 


Triple-Pane Glass

Upgrading from a single to a double-pane window results in dramatic change in energy efficiency. When you add the third pane, it not only helps with the energy efficiency, but it is also adds to the performance of your window. This is why Modern Window proudly offers ProVia windows. With Provia, the real comfort comes when you realize how well your new windows keep out the unwanted cold and heat. ProVia’s Endure window’s are inventively designed, and are one of the most energy efficient windows on the market today.  

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