Tips for Saving Big When Buying Replacement Windows

replacement windows
Photo courtesy of Flickr’s Bob Jagendorf

Buying new windows for your home can bring a slew of benefits. From increasing energy efficiency to making your home look better, replacement windows can be just the change you need. That being said, replacement windows, particularly if you’re looking to replace every window in your home, can be costly. With these three simple tips for shaving down the costs when buying your replacement windows, however, you can improve your home, without having to dig too deeply into your savings.

How to Cut Costs When Replacing Your Windows

Go with Energy Efficient Windows – While it’s true that many energy efficient windows are more expensive than their regular counterparts, recommends you always go the energy efficient route if you can. Why? The amount of money you’ll save on your energy bills over time will more than make up for the premium you pay for greener options.

Only Do It Yourself if You’re an Expert –It goes without saying that installing your own replacement windows can save you money — so long, of course, you know what you’re doing. Even then, it’s probably in your best interest to call in an expert to help. The reason is simple: the best contractors have insurance, so if something goes wrong — they drop and break a window or someone is injured — it’s them who will be paying for it, not you. The financial benefits here are clear.

You Need to at Least Bring in a Consultant – As MSN Real Estate details, one of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when looking to buy new windows is replacing windows that really just need to be repaired. Bringing in a consultant, you can ensure that it’s not just the molding around your windows that needs to be fixed up. The difference between molding repair and replacement windows can be many hundreds of dollars. Bringing in a consultant to make an assessment can help you avoid this unnecessary cost.