What Are the Health Benefits of Installing New Windows in Your Home?

New Windows
Photo courtesy of Flickr’s Light Painting

Most of the time, when you read about the benefits of installing new windows, particularly energy efficient windows, in your home, it’s all about saving your energy bill, or saving the environment. Without a doubt, both are incredible advantages that come with keeping your home up to date with new windows. However, did you know that the reason the New York State Residential Code mandates a certain amount of window coverage within your home is actually for your health?


More New Windows Mean More Sunlight, Less Moisture, and Less Illness

From the extra sunlight to the easy ability to improve circulation, changing out old windows for newer, more energy efficient windows can mean great things for your health. Having trouble making the jump from windows to better health? Here are three ways more windows lead directly to a healthier life.


  • Increased Airflow Equals Less Mold – Especially now that warm spring weather is here, there’s really nothing quite like being able to open up your windows and let that breeze into your home. Not only does it improve the smell and the feeling of your house, this improved airflow also works as a powerful deterrent for any dangerous molds that could grow in your home. Take black mold, for example: this especially toxic mold can lead directly to symptoms of asthma, coughing, wheezing, and worse. By allowing air into your home, your windows help you keep the air drier, and that’s good for keeping the moisture-loving mold at bay.



  • Circulation Improves Air Quality – Of course, improved circulation has the far more noticeable effect of purifying the air in your home. From cleaning out last year’s dust to kicking out some of the pet dander you’ve been living with during the colder months, a well circulated home means feeling better during the day and sleeping better at night — all thanks to fresh, clean air.



  • Sunlight Transforms Your Health – Nothing is more noticeable when you first put in new windows than the sunlight. Your home is suddenly flush with vibrant color and life that it never had before. Sure, it looks great, but added sunlight comes with a slew of health benefits for you and your family. Increased sunlight in the home has been tied to improved moods, reduction in cancer rates, and healthier blood pressure.


While your new energy efficient windows will undoubtedly reduce your bills and your impact on the environment, they will simultaneously help improve the health of your entire family. Whether you need a boost to your mood every morning or you simply want to breathe fresh, healthy air, numerous windows throughout your home is the only way to go.